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About LeMetric

LeMetric is a hair and beauty salon located in New York City. Our mission is to support the female spirit by focusing on reinvention through hair!

What We Do

We import, manufacture, and design the best quality hair in the industry: 100% human hair imported from Europe, South America, India and Asia.

Offering hairpieces, wigs, hair extensions, clip-ins, toppers, and more, LeMetric provides women worldwide with their hair, their way: high-quality, custom hair that is personally designed to fit your unique lifestyle.

LeMetric also offers specialized services for women with hair loss and hair thinning due to alopecia, trichotillomania, autoimmune diseases, medications, aging, surgery, and other causes of devastating hair loss. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution, we’ll help you determine the best course of action for your hair and also support you to build a vibrant and healthy life at every age.

What are the benefits of Real World Hair?

Customizable  Quality 

Our hairpieces, wigs, extensions, and clip-ins are completely customizable based on your needs.

Durability and Longevity

Our expert pieces can last 2-3 years with the proper maintenance.


Wash, condition, blow-dry & style at your own convenience, whether it’s attached to your hair or removable.


I’ve been a LeMetric client for almost four years and my current (2nd) human hairpiece from LeMetric is as good as the first one (which lasted three years). Elline knows her stuff and has an excellent staff to assist including several ladies on site who build and/or fix the hairpieces if needed. Mine is an attached piece which holds on perfectly secure through wind and rain with a very natural look and movement. The fact that one can confidently wash it, condition it, blow dry and style it while attached is a definite plus. If I want a little extra curl or wave I sometimes set it with rollers or even let it air dry naturally. I need only wash it once a week as it stays clean and maintenance (removal, wash and re-attach) is done every 4-5 weeks to the piece.

If you are concerned about hair loss this is an excellent solution. I suffered for years with anxiety and self consciousness due to my very thinning hair (hereditary) and this was one decision I wish I made ten years earlier. Do set up a consultation. I have no regrets and it really did take ten years off my appearance. – Judy, Long Island

I wanted to wait at least six months after I visited LeMetric to write a review. Usually human hairpieces only last a couple of months before they start shedding and become real dry. So far I have had no shedding and the hair is just as healthy looking as it was six months ago. Elline and her staff was accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly. Every option was explained to me in detail to alleviate any anxiety. – Paula, Boston


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