LeMetric, Real World Hair
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Founder and mentor Elline Surianello created LeMetric in 1989 as a way to help women with hair challenges live confidently in their beauty. At LeMetric, our staff of experienced hair experts specialize in customized, high-quality hair and styling for all hair types.


With 150 years of combined experience in the beauty business, the LeMetric team of experts are trained to work with you in finding the best possible solution.

Hair challenges do not have to run your life.

Developed in our New York City facility, we import, manufacture, and design Real World Hair to our clients’ liking. Offering fully-customized 100% human hair pieces, wigs, extensions, clip-ins, toppers, and more based on the specific needs of our client, we ensure the end product meets the epitome of quality hair.

Below you will find testimonials from our clients proving how LeMetric Real World Hair can change your life for the better.