LeMetric Real World Hair - Are you ready for your makover?

LeMetric Real World Makeovers

At LeMetric, we’ve been performing makeovers since 1989 when founder Elline Surianello became her own first client. After collaborating with the leading hair care and additional hair experts at the time, she went from thin limp hair to soft full curls. This transformation changed not only how she looked but also how she felt about herself as her confidence reached new heights.

After making the transition from hair loss sufferer to a person who learned how to live more comfortably with her “flaws”, Elline made it her life’s mission to help women who struggle with hair challenges.

Whether due to illness, tragedy, aging or being genetically driven, the LeMetric staff knows how to find solutions to hair challenges for all hair textures. At LeMetric, once we modify and enhance our clients hair, we free the woman from the chains of self-doubt and shame.

“For me, watching someone grow from the inside with self-love, and outside with their confidence is a wonderful thing.” Says Elline.

Watch our video to see how we gave three women a beauty transformation to remember, and also view our before and after gallery below.

More videos coming soon!